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Complete a complimentary risk assessment in 5 minutes

Knowing your risk rating can help improve your lender relationships and grow your business .

1. Industry: What industry do you operate in? *
2. Bank Relationships: Are you getting the support and understanding you want from your bank manager?*
3. Debt: What is the current level of your bank debt? *
4. Maturity of current debt: What is the earliest maturity date for your term loan/s? *
5. Interest Cover Ratio (ICR): How comfortable are you in meeting your interest? The calculation is EBIT/Interest. EBIT is Earnings (or Net Profit) before Interest and Tax. *
6. Loan to Value Ratio (LVR): For debt secured by property - the calculation is Loan/Property Value. The lower the LVR, the lower the risk. If you have no real estate property, skip this question and go to Question 7
7. Debt to Equity Ratio: Provides an indication of how highly geared a business is. The calculation is Debt/Equity (Total Assets less Total Liabilities). The lower the Debt to Equity, the lower the risk.
8. Are your ATO lodgements and commitments up to date (including superannuation)?*

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